Oneliner Buildings

DUSS was founded in 2019 as successor and acquirer of the department ‘Buildings & Sites’ of 3E. The company is a partnership between 3E NV, PREO BV, GuT-T BV and Impact Capital NV. 

DUSS builds on 3E's 20 years of experience in sustainability with a focuses on the built environment. Our team is multidisciplinary and diverse with an unwavering dedication to urban sustainability. 

Get to know us!


Huygh Jo, Director

Jo Huygh holds a master in civil engineering in architecture and is a co-founder of DUSS. He has more than 2 decades of experience in the development of real estate projects and developing of sustainable building projects that now are evolving to positive energy districts.


Cailler Steve, Director

Steve Cailler holds a master in civil engineering. He has more than a decade of experience in project management and technical consulting in
sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods. Steve takes ownership in all his projects and provides a great support to the involved team. He is recognized as a BREEAM AP, a WELL AP, an EPB advisor, an IPMVP engineer. He has a strong expertise and vision in different fields of sustainability.


Mermuys Kelly, Director

Kelly Mermuys holds a Master in Bioscience Engineering. She has more than a decade of experience in international sustainability project management, ranging from renewable energy projects on farms (including solar, wind, biogas, biomass) to GRI reporting in a European multinational and software for portfolio management of solar and wind parks & IoT in India.


Lemmens Liesbeth, Consultant 

Liesbeth Lemmens holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (construction). She has experience with project management of building & site projects, energy & sustainability guidance, EPB, different certification schemes & dynamic simulations. She is recognized as advisor for EPB in Flanders and Brussels and AP for BREEAM and WELL. With her background in several topics she is used to assess sustainability from a masterplan level and can as well take a deep dive on a detailed level. 

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Slabbinck Sophie, CEO

Sophie Slabbinck is a lawyer, MBA and has a degree in psychotherapy. She has an international career in strategic change and sustainable growth management. Sophie believes People are an often underestimated dimension in sustainability projects and is a strong advocate for social sustainability. She leads our social sustainability practice. 


Chevalier Maxime, Consultant

Maxime Chevalier holds a master of civil engineering in architecture and a second master of sciences and management of the environment. This double profile and a few years working as an architect give him a systemic and critical approach to environmental issues. Areas of interest are life cycle analysis, circular economy, energy and sustainability concepts, low-tech solutions.


Deltenre Quentin, Consultant 

Quentin Deltenre has a Master in architectural engineering and obtained his Ph.D. in industrial engineering. More than a strong expertise in renewables in urban areas, his academic research has given him a sense of rigour and detail in his daily work. Within DUSS, he keeps developing new skills, in particular: project management, daylighting, water management, thermal simulations, EPB certification and energy concepts. 


Noppe Beatrijs, Consultant 

Beatrijs Noppe holds a Master Degree in Architecture with a masteryear in Design for Sustainable Development, followed in Sweden. She has a decade of experience in architectural projects. With this background and interests in environmental projects she feels strengthened to develop her skills within DUSS by managing projects, dive into studies as circularity, sustainable concepts and certification.


Debus Bob, Consultant

Bob Debus holds a Master Degree in Electromechanical Engineering. After obtaining this master’s degree, Bob did a postgraduate programme at the KU Leuven together with an internship at CORE. Here he developed and supported projects concerning efficient and sustainable energy consumption. At DUSS he will further develop his skillset of sustainability tools as well as project management.


Huberlant Bernard, Consultant 

Bernard has a university degree in agroforestry (UCL, 1993). He worked for 20 years in the renewable energy and energy efficiency of building sector. Accredited as BREEAM assessor since 2012, Bernard is helping to create a sustainable real estate in Belgium. Convinced that the success of his clients' projects depends on the cooperation between and within teams, Bernard is often acting as a coach within the team he is working for.  


Akhaven Mina, Consultant

Mina Akhavan holds a Master of Science in Architectural Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining DUSS, she worked in the United States as a building science consultant. Her experience includes building envelope design and site inspection for sustainable buildings. At DUSS, she is involved with BREEAM certification, life-cycle analysis, and thermal comfort analysis using energy modelling software. Her interests include sustainable design and guidance  of the built environment, energy efficiency and dynamic simulations. 


Lismont Gert, Consultant

Gert Lismont holds a Master Degree in Electromechanical Engineering. After a few decades of international experience in the energy industry, he has completed a postgraduate degree in Energy Efficiency Services and dedicates his further career to sustainability on the built environment. Particular areas of interest are BREEAM, site masterplanning, dynamic simulation  and energy monitoring.