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In the last decade there has been increasing interest in the impact of the built environment on our nature, health and quality of life. We have better insights into what kinds of environments people find invigorating and engaging. And more aware of how spaces can increase or offset some of the stress of city living. DUSS is continuously looking for new ways to improve the quality of life within ecological boundaries for individuals, communities and society as whole. 


Sustainability means doing more with less. DUSS wants to trailblaze new ways of doing things by cross fertilizing ideas from different fields of study. Our team is transdisciplinary and consist of architects, designers and engineers but also economists, lawyers, biologists and psychotherapists. We actively collaborate with artists, scientists, universities and other companies to push the boundaries of our thinking and develop new and creative approaches to projects. 


There is no shortage of good ideas and technologies for a more sustainable future, but implementing them in a complex urban context is not always as easy. DUSS actively shares knowledge and cocreates ideas with partners from the public, private and R&D sectors. Our goal is to maximize impact by making sure our vision fits within the larger context, is achievable and actively contributes to the success of project. Bridging research, practice and policy is core to our mission.